“Insta-knowledge: Reels”

Increase your reach on Instagram with Reels (even if you don’t know anything about making videos)!

Hey, do you ever...

get the impression that NOBODY sees your IG posts anymore and you feel as if you are talking to the wall?

feel frustrated and discouraged because your profile has been at a standstill?

feel like throwing in the towel because you are tired of the lack of noticeable results?

All of this is because Instagram keeps changing!

Something that would have gone viral a year ago will today seem unattractive to the audience.
Nowadays, the IG algorithm promotes video content (in particular: Reels).

Today, success favours people who can quickly adapt to new trends on IG and can harness the extra reaches generated by Reels for their own purposes.

Wait, what? Reels? No way!

That’s just for kids, surely? Besides – I don’t have the time to spend on this especially since I am not tech savvy!

If that is your opinion, we really need to talk.

konto wild.rocks

Hi, my name is Ola!

I am the creator of the profile called @wild.rocks on Instagram.

It is not a hobby account but a business account.

And thanks to this account:

  • I have built (and continue to build) a wonderful, proactive community,

  • I effectively promote my products,

  • I keep finding new customers!

Just take a look at these statistics!

and above all, check out the navy-blue bar – it stands for the number of people who do not follow my profile but who I still managed to reach thanks to Reels!

Yes, youor eyes do not deceive you! This means a 5x higher reach!

[previous month]-2(1)(1)
[previous month]-3(1)

And you know what? I create Reels… while also taking care of my baby. This is the most wonderful thing about Reels: they are really not as difficult and time-consuming as they might look. If you know the drill, preparing a Reel will take only 10-15 minutes out of your day. Time very well spent. Creating graphics (or a carousel!) takes probably more time?

If you want to quickly start creating Reels which will capture viewers’ attention…

...then check out this e-book that I have compiled for you: “Insta-knowledge: Reels”!

This e-book will show my secret tips and know-how

that will make recording Reels a ridiculously simple task

“Insta-knowledge: Reels” includes 17 chapters filled to the brim with practical knowledge, namely:

Take a peek inside my e-book!

Do you still think that Reels are good for kids from TikTok?

What if I told you that you can use Reels to:

And these are just a few examples of the long list of advantages Reels can provide!

Maybe you already have 1 or 2 Reels on your profile that you created with the use of a free tutorial and you think that this e-book is not so useful?

Let's find out if that is the case! Do you know...

zrzut z Reelsa (1)

Not sure the answers?

That's alright – you will find them all in “Insta-knowledge: Reels”.

Are you worried that the e-book itself will not be enough? That you will not learn anything from screenshots?

I was a little concerned about the same thing!

That is why you will receive FREE access to a private account on IG with:

The solution is so easy and convenient, it is hardly surprising that my competitors have become a little green-eyed. 😉

So, do you want to create Reels

that will finally remake your Instagram profile so you can get ahead of the pack?

cover + account

“Insta-knowledge: Reels”

Seriously, do not postpone this purchase!

Through 2022/2023, IG has been placing great emphasis on videos, especially Reels – they generate higher reaches so it is crucial that IG users to create them to leverage the true potential of their product.

This is Instagram 2.0 – reaching new audiences and growing on IG has never been easier.

However! It’s hard to predict how long this El Dorado for reaches will last. That is why the sooner you get on this train, the better. Soon, everyone will be creating Reels – and then the window of opportunity will be smaller.

IK Reels - cover (1)
Don't wait a moment longer!

Start successfully developing
your IG account with Reels today and see the true potential that awaits!